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April’s Glam Bag Will Give You That Warm Fuzzy Feeling—Literally


The second Pantone announced that their color of the 2024 is Peach Fuzz, we started counting down the days until we could reveal our April 2024 Glam Bag design, which features… (wait for it!) A FUZZY PEACH!

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About the Expert:

Joanne Wong is the Senior Designer for Fashion and Accessories at IPSY. She has been designing fashion handbags, accessories, and beauty packaging for more than 10 years for brands like Sephora, Nordstrom, Adventures by Disney, and more.

Behind the April 2024 Glam Bag Design

While Earth Day tends to evoke images of green and leaves and trees, this year we decided to step outside—literally—and look for design elements that connect to Mother Nature. “Walking at the park, I was drawn to the colors of the skies, the sunlight, and the bright sunflowers and fruit trees,” says Joanne Wong, IPSY’s Senior Designer for Fashion and Accessories. “Those beautiful colors are the main inspiration for my design.”

On April’s Glam Bag, you’ll see a blue and white striped cotton canvas inspired by clouds in the sky, and the yellow zipper tape and woven IPSY label are a nod to both sunlight and wildflowers. Wong elaborates: “For Earth Day month, we wanted to design a Glam Bag with the material that is more environmentally friendly and contains more natural fiber. We purposely chose to use the cotton canvas fabric, design a non-metal zipper puller, and create a more organic and sustainable look for the bag.”

The real cherry on top (well, peach) is the peach-shaped pom-pom zipper puller with felt green leaves. “To add a pinkish-orange hue, Pantone’s Color of the Year, to the simple striped cotton canvas bag, we designed a 3D peach zipper puller with the materials that we haven’t used before,” says Wong. To achieve the perfect peachy pom-pom, Wong sampled the material a few times looking for the right materials, size, and shape. “The challenging part is how to put the peach on the bag, but we are happy that we were able to find a similar green string to attach the peach puller to the zipper.” We’re obsessed with how soft this zipper puller is. Plus, when you pull the zipper open, you’ll see the surprise peachy lining inside the bag. 

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Article Last Updated April 12, 2024 12:00 AM