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No More Blush Fading! These 7 Tips Will Make Your Blush Last


Making sure your makeup lasts all day or for a special event can be a tough task. Achieving this isn’t just about your setting spray, but the makeup formulas you choose and how you apply them. But don’t fill up your cart just yet with long-wear makeup essentials—the secrets to making your makeup last longer will work wonders with the products you already have stashed in your makeup bag, thanks to a little help from expert makeup artists. It starts with getting to know your skin type and using the right complementing makeup bases.

Typically, the makeup products that tend to fade the fastest are lipsticks and blush. Lip products fade for obvious reasons when it comes to eating and drinking, but blush can fade fast from sweat and humidity, or if your pre-makeup skin prep wasn’t quite right. It’s also possible to be using the wrong kind of blush formulafor your skin type, making it more prone to wear off quickly.

To help you on your quest to make your blush last all day (one of our makeup dreams!), we reached out to two expert MUAs from some of our favorite brands who know how to create long-lasting blush formulas and apply blush with precision to make your blush last longer so you have striking, flushed cheeks all day long. Read on for the best makeup tips and more.

About the Experts:
Gabriella Elio is a professional makeup artist and the founder of SWEED BEAUTY.
Caroline Thunstedt is a professional makeup artist and the CEO of IDUN MINERALS.

How to Make Your Blush Last All Day

1. Skin Prep Is Essential

We know we probably sound like a broken record, but applying any makeup on top of skin that hasn’t been properly cleansed and moisturized is a surefire way for makeup to fade fast and not look its best. “It’s always important to start with a good skin prep in general before applying your makeup,” says makeup artist Gabrielle Elio. “I love to scrub the face and remove all dead skin cells in order to get a fresh canvas to work on for an even result. Afterwards, I love to top with a moisturizing cream before applying my makeup. You can always add a face mist as a bonus to either add more moisture to the skin or to seal it if you have oily skin.”

During the day, your skin faces a lot! Heat and humidity from the environment you’re in, sweat, dramatic facial expressions, and holding your phone against your cheek during phone calls can all make a blush fade pretty quickly and lose its staying power and color. Remember to always cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin so your makeup can have a smooth base to adhere to.

2. Don’t Skip on Using a Primer

Next up: You need a primer! Applying a good primer makes all makeup products last longer, especially ones directly in contact with the majority of your face. Things like foundation, blush, and bronzer rely on the grip of a primer during any season, but especially during the warmer months when we tend to produce more oil and sweat more due to humidity and heat.

3. Liquid Foundation or Skin Tints Can Help

Though we’re not knocking the use of a mineral powder for foundation, there are benefits to using a liquid foundation or a skin tint when you want your blush to last as long as possible. When using a liquid formula to start out your makeup routine, you’re creating a dewy finish right off the bat.

Any blush (whether powder or liquid) that you then decide to use on top of your foundation is going to blend more seamlessly. Your cheeks will be able to show off the color better, and layering will be easier on top of a liquid foundation.

4. Identify Your Skin Type

Choosing the right blush color for your skin tone is just as important as choosing the right blush formula and finish for your skin type. A powdered blush isn’t always the best choice for mature or dry skin, despite being a longwear option for others, as it only further adds a matte look to your cheeks and makes it harder to build dimension.

Liquid blush stays well and is usually highly pigmented. But it can be a bit difficult to control and apply. I love a cream blush and the sheer blendable feeling with the skin and the rest of the base products. A downside is it can sometimes become patchy and uneven depending on what base you have underneath,” says Elio.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Layer

Two blushes are better than one. No, really, they are! Blending two different blushes can not only give you a custom color but can help prevent fading. “Pressed powder blushes are renowned for their longevity due to the mineral pigments enhancing color payoff and allowing for easy buildability. For extended wear, begin with a creamy formula as a base and layer with a powder blush for intensified color,” says makeup artist Caroline Thunstedt.

We love using a cream blush and applying as normal, then going in with a powdered blush and putting it on the high points of our cheeks, Cupid's bow, and nose—almost like you’re using it as a highlighter to complement the cream blush color. Thunstedt’s favorite technique is actually mixing a small amount of serum or moisturizer with your powder blush to create your own creamy blush formula on the apples of your cheeks. “This blend offers a radiant glow from the cream formula while maintaining the color intensity from the mineral blush,” she says.

6. Finish With a Setting Spray

After using a translucent powder to cover your blush application, you’ll want to spritz a setting spray to lock everything in and prevent color fading and product fallout. “I definitely recommend using a setting spray or refreshing mist to further enhance longevity and color intensity,” says Thunstedt. “This preparation not only promotes longevity but also imparts a natural glow, minimizing the need for additional highlighter.” 

7. Re-Apply If Needed

Whoever said you can’t reapply blush was totally mistaken! You absolutely can and should if you’re needing a touchup to your makeup look. “My beauty motto is to look like yourself after a two-week holiday; long lashes, glowing skin, and full of life,” says Elio. “I think a fresh pink blush makes you look more awake and gives that healthy, fresh look I love!”

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Article Last Updated May 8, 2024 12:00 AM